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In 1940, near the village of Montignac, in southwestern France, a large complex of caves was discovered. Covering the walls and ceilings of these caves are some of the most remarkable wall paintings ever found, estimated to have been painted around 17,000 BC. The majority of these paintings are of horses running beneath the starry night sky of France’s countryside. These caverns were later known as the Lascaux Caves. It is thought that the artists and their people attached a ritualistic element to these paintings and the images they hold.

We believe that the same sort of passion that these ancient people had for these beautiful animals is shared today by many of us in the equestrian community. Lascaux Equestrian not only symbolizes these ancient cave paintings and the significance they held for their people, but also represents the love and passion we have for horseback riding. Lascaux is determined to provide not only the very highest quality equestrian clothing and riding apparel, but an overall experience for riders who are faithfully devoted to the sport just as the painters of the Lascaux caves were committed to their art.



Laura Ray - Lascaux Equestrian

“Our apparel is for riders who expect the best out of what they wear as well as the way they perform. When a rider picks up a Lascaux product, we hope they will automatically be excited to get out and ride in their new apparel.”
Laura RayFounder and Devoted Equestrian

Brooke Farr - Lascaux Equestrian

“Looking and feeling your best gives you a sense of confidence and energy that doesn’t compare to anything else. Lascaux isn’t just a shirt—it embodies the rider who strives to pursue their excellence in and out of the ring.”
Brooke FarrOwner/Trainer at A.B.F Equine